Using Podcasts to Involve Your Supporters

January 8, 2013 — 2 Comments

microphoneAs missionaries, we work very hard to create a team of supporters who will pray for us and provide the finances to allow us to continue in the work. With Skype, email, VOIP, and a host of other technology advances, we can keep in contact with churches and individuals much more easily than ever before. You can also create further interaction with your supporting churches and people through podcasts.

I recently met Joseph Consford, a missionary in West Africa, through Michael Hyatt’s blog this past week. He introduced me to a great idea I would like to share with you. On his blog, he has “Joe’s Podcast.” People are able to leave a voice message through his website, which he then in turn answers in his podcast. This allows him to answer questions regarding culture, life, and ministry on the mission field that may not ever make it in to a prayer letter. This helps to create a personal touch with people that are sometimes halfway across the world. Joe publishes his podcasts weekly, but you can space them out more, depending on your schedule.

Here are some ideas to help you implement this idea:

  • Announce your podcasts in a prayer letter explaining your purpose and how it will help you and your supporters (increased prayer support, better knowledge of the ministry and culture, etc.)
  • Encourage Christian school classes or Sunday School classes to ask questions and then listen to the answers as a class. Since podcasts are downloadable, any teacher should be able to find a way to playback the podcast to the students.
  • Share recent experiences with the food, culture, language, religions, and more that you would not include in a prayer letter. Prayer letters are often limited in space. A podcast will give you one extra outlet to share these experiences with others.
  • Have a national from your church join you for a podcast to help you answer a question or share his/her experience of having a missionary in his/her country. This brings written names in a prayer letter to a greater reality and allows people in America to “meet” that person, in a way.
  • You may want to involve your wife or children in answering questions and sharing their challenges and things they love about their life on the mission field. This can help prayer supporters remember to pray for the wife and children and know how to more specifically pray for them.

Are you using a podcast as a missionary? What benefits have you found in using one? Share in the comments below.


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2 responses to Using Podcasts to Involve Your Supporters

  1. Thanks for the plug! I sure do hope this catches on. It takes me about a couple of hours each week to record and upload the show. It is my prayer that this podcast will encourage people to surrender to the call of God in their lives!

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