Conjugating verbs:

March 1, 2013 — 2 Comments

You know what it is like when you cannot remember how to conjugate a verb?  Maybe you remember the 1st person singular but not the 3rd person plural.  Language dictionaries will give the infinitive, but they usually do not conjugate the verb for you.  I came across this website that I felt was worth sharing:

Not all languages are extensive.  The strength seems to be with Latin-based languages.  When you are preparing a sermon or lesson or just need to double check on a verb you’ve been slaughtering, see if this site may be of help to you.

Do you have any other online resources that have been a big help for you in the language?

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2 responses to Conjugating verbs:

  1. Man alive! They left out Fante! I was sure hoping they would tell me how to conjugate the verbs in this tribal dialect we are trying to learn!

  2. I use WordReference all the time. My language is Spanish and they have a very extensive dictionary. There is also a forum where people discuss various uses of the words. So you get not only the dry dictionary definition, you get real-world examples of how to use the words or phrases in various idiomatic ways.

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