Our Purpose

1155578 34239435Our Purpose:

The world’s population is rapidly approaching 6.7 billion people, more people on the face of the earth than any other time in history. This also means there are more souls in need of the Gospel of Jesus Christ than ever before. Missionaries are being sent out each year from local churches across the United States but still are not meeting the demand. Many reports show that there are more missionaries coming off the field than going to the field. Unfortunately, 43% of the current missionaries on deputation will never reach the country they are desiring to minister in.

In reality, deputation is not easy, but anything worth doing in life comes with joys and trials. If the struggle of raising support for two to four years could be made a little easier and less lonely, maybe some more families would stick through the hard times and reach the field of their calling. This website was primarily designed for missionaries on deputation to find resources and information all in one place to help them in the tasks of deputation. One more missionary on the field can mean many more souls saved for the glory of God.

Our Goals:

  • Encouraging prospective missionaries
  • Equipping missionaries on deputation
  • Enhancing missionaries already on the field
  • Enlightening pastors to missionary life and work

Our Audience:

  • Prospective missionaries
  • Missionaries on deputation
  • Missionaries already on the field
  • Pastors and laymen