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Okay, so if you have a furlough coming up or have to do any flying over a couple or more time zones, you have probably experienced the classic jet lag. Your body is trying to keep the old time zone even though you are no longer in it. Changing your watch is easy, but changing the body clock takes a bit more time. Using some science, a website called claims to be able to help you avoid the jet lag experience and actually prevent it.

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Saving for the Field

December 12, 2012 — Leave a comment

When people hear the word “missionary,” the words “poor” or “needy” usually come to mind. Being a missionary does require sacrifice, but what do you do on deputation when the love offerings and monthly support start piling up? Go on a cruise? Hopefully not. If you are thinking ahead, you’ll know exactly what to do….SAVE!

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The Missionary Questionnaire

December 12, 2012 — 2 Comments

Every missionary on deputation has heard the secretary or pastor say, “We will send you a questionnaire first.” Those words often strike a chord of wonder. Will it be short or long? Will it make sense or be confusing? Will it be agreeable or offensive? Once the questionnaire is mailed or emailed, all questions in mind are answered by the questions asked. Hopefully the information below will help you as a pastor to decide whether or not to have a questionnaire, and if so, what kind of one to have.

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